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Re: Duckweed -- or - Ditching the Dweed

Some fish eat it, especially the herbivorous types.  But
why add a fish just to handle one plant?

I find duckweed whenever I buy plants.  I like to
momentarily soak then rinse the plants jut to remove as
much dweed as possible.

But whatever gets in the tank doesn't bother me much.  I
take a net, pull the netting tight and just skim off the
stuff.  It takes some diligience and a few days repeated
skimming (but only for a minute or so each time).  You
might want to tweeze a straggler or two.  And check for any
hidden remnants the pop up days later.  I've never found it
hard to eradicate the dweed.

When you do your water change, you can try vacuuming some
of it out, but I find the net faster.

Scott H.

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