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Re: is it true?

>I'll second Ed's motion, Tom!  You really should write -- and not just about
>fish and plants!  Fabulous story!!!  Is is true?

All truth is fiction. I assure you it's all true, even the fictional parts(I
really am a Julidochromis). The first victim of any war is the truth.
Hyperbole runs rampant.

There must be 20 more stories about some poor bastard finding him self in
some odd predicament all over creation from the bowels of Hell's Hole to the
top of de volcan Popocatepetal. I suppose some day I'll put them together in
a collection. They need polished for sure, but most of it is there. I'll
sell genuine hognose snake oil on the inside cover. "It'll make you algae
roll over and play dead just like the snake".

Tom Barr