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Re:Please help with hair algae!!

<<pH 6.8  KH 3-4 no measurable nitrates>>

If your test kit is correct, there is the prob.  You need some nitrates if
you want the plants to grow.
If you have plenty of everything the plants keep the algae at bay.  I
actually dose nitrates (and phosphates) twice a week as my plants just suck
it all up and I'v got a decent fish load.  I'v run with phosphates off the
scale (dropped the container in the tank :) ) with no prob.

Once you get your plants going... to give them a head start you can try some
HydrogenPeroxide to clean out the hair algae (3% strength at 2 oz in a 55).
Make sure it's 3% and not 35%.
Some people don't like it but it worked for me. No good as a solution unless
you get those plants going. :)

I'v got DIY CO2 and it works fine, but it's large. Two 2.5Gal bottles that
get changed each week or so alternately for my 90gal. (3 cups of sugar and
1/2 of yeast.. bubbles quick :) )