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Re: K2SO4 and MgSO4

Forgive my ignorance of chemistry, but if the important part of K2SO4 is
the K, is that the same K as is found in KNO3?  In other words, is the
tank getting K from both K2SO4 and KNO3?  And so the amount of K2SO4 one
adds is really dependent upon how much KNO3 one is adding?  


On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 08:16:45PM -0500, Chuck H wrote:
> The "important" part of K2SO4 is the potassium (K) and not the sulfate 
> (SO4).  You may be able to find K2SO4 locally as Sulfate of Potash.  Check 
> garden centers, agricultural suppliers, etc.  The purity of the stuff sold 
> at these places varies, so you may want to look before you buy if 
> possible.  Anything that claims to be ok for hydroponics or greenhouse use 
> would be ideal.
> Though my preference is for K2SO4, another option that you can probably 
> find locally is potassium chloride (KCl).  It may be labeled as Muriate of 
> Potash, De-icer, or salt substitute.  You can get a large quantity at 
> places that deal with water softeners -- the Sears store here has 25lb bags 
> of Morton KCl.  That oughta last a century or two.
> If you end up opting for mailorder, try http://www.litemanu.com.  They have 
> great stuff reasonably priced.
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