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Re: Iron - Chelated - Ferrous- Ferric - lost and found

Roger Miller -- yes, Roger speaks -- said:

> Light breaks down ferric-edta (and other ferric chelates)
> through a reaction 
> called photoreduction.  Photoreduction is one of the
> major pathways by which 
> iron can get wrestled out of a strong complex like
> ferric-edta.  When 
> ferric-edta is broken down by photoreduction the
> chelating ligand is oxidized 
> and the iron is reduced and released into the water as
> ferrous iron, not as 
> ferric iron.
> The ferrous iron will remain in solution for a while
> until it is taken up, 
> oxidized back to ferric iron and/or recomplexed possibly
> by another chelating 
> ligand and possibly by hydroxide or other common ligands
> in the water.

So the iron can be gotten by the plants (eventually),
sooner or later, regardless of whether it's about the tank
as chelated, ferrous, or ferric?  If you dose it, they can
use it even if your (initial or edta) chelators are being
photoreduced and you're photoreducing the "free" iron,

Scott H.

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