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Re: K2SO4 and MgSO4

Ric wrote:

>I've been using K2SO4 in my tank, but am about to run out of it.  Since
>I've found local sources for my other chemicals (Phosphate, KNO3, and
>Iron), I'd like to find a way to get something similar to K2SO4 locally.
>I am wondering if the 'important' ingredient in K2SO4 is the SO4?  If
>it is the SO4, I was wondering if I could use epsom salts (which is
>basically MgSO40 instead of K2SO4.  If so, that would be both cheap and
>local, which I like.  If I need K2SO4, does anyone know of a commonly
>available version (like stump remover for KNO3)?  Thanks,

The "important" part of K2SO4 is the potassium (K) and not the sulfate 
(SO4).  You may be able to find K2SO4 locally as Sulfate of Potash.  Check 
garden centers, agricultural suppliers, etc.  The purity of the stuff sold 
at these places varies, so you may want to look before you buy if 
possible.  Anything that claims to be ok for hydroponics or greenhouse use 
would be ideal.

Though my preference is for K2SO4, another option that you can probably 
find locally is potassium chloride (KCl).  It may be labeled as Muriate of 
Potash, De-icer, or salt substitute.  You can get a large quantity at 
places that deal with water softeners -- the Sears store here has 25lb bags 
of Morton KCl.  That oughta last a century or two.

If you end up opting for mailorder, try http://www.litemanu.com.  They have 
great stuff reasonably priced.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee