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Re: Software etc. -- or - Losing CO2 and gaining a Newb

David Terrell asked, in part:

> . . . has anyone tried the M3 Co2 bundle
> regulator/selenoid/needle
> valve product?  

I have used the regulator and found it to work well, but I
have used much less expensive (i.e., cheapo) regulators
that work as well at providing a steady low-pressure level.
 The M3 regulator has a somother operating knob than the
cheapos.  I've not had a cheapo fail.  Enough said on that.

>  . . . I also wonder,
> since there is a lot of agitation in my tank (overflow to
> wet/dry) is
> this going to be a huge problem injecting CO2?  I won't
> mind refilling a
> 5lbs cylinder more often then without the overflow, but
> will it
> completely disrupt the levels of CO2 in the tank?

Water/air agitation certainly promotes the escape of
dissolved CO2 from the water to the air.  But this can be
very well controlled by controlling the air into which it
escapes.  For example, if the drip section of your wet/dry
is covered, the air in there will become saturated with CO2
and then the loss of CO2 from water in that section will be
substantialy limited.

I tried and overflow alone and measured the impact on CO2
levels.  When the water is flowing into the overflow
without nearly no turbulence, there is virtually no effect
on CO2 levels.  If the water levels are such that the water
enters the overflow and spills down the sides a couple of
inches, the CO2 level drops slowly by roughly 5 ppm.  I
would not consider that a significant loss and I think it
is generally within the margin of error in deriving the CO2
levels from pH and KH test kit measurements, anyway.

Moral of the story, agitation in relatively closed chamber
= relatively low loss; agitation in an open chamber =
relatively high loss.

Imo, the advantages of a sump system outweigh the small
effects on CO2 -- but that's a personal thing.

> I'd bet I'm a lazy fool and this has been discussed, help
> a newb ;-)

Often, as is true of most issues on the board.  Someday the
search function will be improved and no more questions will
be posted  ;-)

Scott H.

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