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0:102:I:541< VAULT RELEASE NOTIFICATION >I:772:83:01

ADDRESSED TO:   aquatic-plants at actwin_com

You have an Unclaimed Package in our Security Vault Area
waiting for release and delivery.


The contents of your Package are CONFIRMED
to be one of the following Brand Name items:

Description of
Vault Holdings:    -  DAEWOO MINI-TELEVISION
                           -  NU-SONIC STEREO SYSTEM
                           -  SMART-CAM DIGITAL CAMERA

Status:                   UNCLAIMED

Release         YES

Release Fee:                  FREE

Claimant email 
Address:         aquatic-plants at actwin_com


To speed the completion of this transaction,
ALL standard vault release fees will be WAIVED.
You will receive delivery to your home address FREE of
charge upon receipt of your Vault Release Delivery
Information and order in this program.

To activate delivery, click here now to access your personal
Vault Release page and complete your Vault Release
Delivery Information.
http://www.bonusamerica.com/b032803c/?email=aquatic-plants at actwin_com

This is a TIME SENSITIVE situation. Please respond
within 48 hours of opening this notice to activate release
of your Package from our Security Vault Area.

Be advised, if you do not claim your Package within
48 hours, we will not be able to hold your item from Brand
Name Merchandise any longer and you will FORFEIT your
Vault Release privilege.   To begin claim procedures please
click on the link below now:

http://www.bonusamerica.com/b032803c/?email=aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Click on the above link or copy and paste it into your browser's address
line then click GO.

Please remember: Shipping and handling charges will be
FREE for you...All you need to do to claim your Package is
complete your Vault Release Delivery Information and
respond with your order.   Our office will take care of all further
details for you.

This is the last contact you will receive regarding
this matter. Do NOT forfeit claim of your Package--
Please respond within 48 hours!


Lawrence Brattonberg
Director of Bonus Services
Bonus America

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