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Re: Leggy plants

Thanks to all who replied! I'll try to go through any questions people 

Adam Shaw was concerned that the amount of Flourish might be excessive. 
Here's how I came up with it. Basically, I looked at the differentce between 
the beginner and expert doses of the Flouish N and P (funny how that same 
issue came up in the same digest), and then figured that the doses listed on 
the Flourish & Flourish iron bottles were beginner doses, and that the 
ratios would be the same between the beginner and advanced doses across the 
Flourish product line (with the exception of Excel, which I use in other 
tanks exactly at the specified levels). I know that's a big assumption (Dr. 
Morin, can you say if it is a good one), but that's why I am using the 
amounts of F and F iron.

The tank is a standard 72, not unusually deep. The tubes are about 18 months 
old. There is canister CO2, which I forgot to mention - that's why the pH is 
where it is.

June Olberding asked about measuring NO3 and phosphate levels. I do have an 
NO3 test kit, and know that by the end of 3-4 days the NO3 is gone. I have a 
phosphate test kit, but it is not reliable.

I will try dropping or spiking the iron per Tom Barr's recommendation. The 
water changes are generally about 50 - 75%, weekly; the tank is covered but 
there isn't any shade over the leggy plants, but maybe the glass covers 
themselves get dirty and block the light?

Thanks to all who replied - I'm open to more suggestions.


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