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Re: spot algae

Tom wrote

Higher light and good nutrients often will yield spot algae if something is
off kilter. I have not scrubbed the glass in a high light tanks for about a
month now. The glass is pretty clean, has 5.5 w/gal of PC light blaring down
in a small tank. No algae eaters except some snails.

I have about 3 w/gal of pc on a 125 and can't get rid of this glass algae I
have. I guess it's green dust, not green spot. I have to clean the glass
twice a week, that really sucks on a 6 ft tank! Everything I can test for is
in line, I even tried cranking up the co2 to about 40ppm. The only thing
that I can say is I don't add any No3 to this tank, because no matter where
I put it, it stays there. I can keep it at 2ppm or 20ppm and it won't budge
much. So could the answer to my problem be to much ammonia? Right now the
no3 is around 4.4. Everything else is normal dosing- po4 2x a week traces 3x
a week. K 1x a week,  weekly large water changes Does anyone have any

Jeff Vamos
jbvamos at rcn_com