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Prime & Nitrate

Paul wrote:
"Does Seachem Prime water conditioner make nitrate unavailable to
plants? Prime apparently "detoxifies" Nitrate - does the process of
detoxification therefore 'lock up' the nitrate and hence deprive the
plants. A cursory glance  through the archives also revealed that Prime
locks up heavy metals and iron." <snip>

I recently started using Prime. Since I have both chloramines and a
buffering problem, I was struggling with what water conditioner to use.
After reading every bottle in the store, I bought Prime because it was
the only one (other than Amquel) that did not mention detoxifying heavy
metals. After your note, I went to the Seachem site and checked out the
description there: "It will also detoxify any heavy metals found in the
tap water at typical concenration (their typo, not mine) levels."
Neither my 500ml bottle nor my 2L bottle mentions this. I'm hoping it
really isn't an issue.