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2x55W PC Cooking Plant Leaves

Hi all, another newbie question from me.

I must be doing something right with adding CaCO3,
K2SO4, traces, etc. to my 72G.

My swords are throwing new shoots much faster, but
instead of going half way like the old leaves, they go
straight up to the top of the tank, and gets burned by
the PC heat in no time.

Same with my 2 banana plants, which gave a dozen
gorgeous floating leaves that got burned before they
can flower.

Tank height is 22", so with about 3" of gravel & 1"
space between water surface & PC, it means the sword
leaves grew 18" tall (well mostly the stem).  What do
people do to avoid this?  It'll be kind of silly to
put weights down to force the leaves to shoot
sideways, wouldn't it? :P

BTW pardon me for the non technical/scientific terms.



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