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Re: Confusion/questions on dosing Seachem Nitrogen...

Jeff asked how about dosing levels with the new Seachem Nitrogen. The short
answer, in my case, is 17 mL twice a week. To keep it in perspective, I've
also supplied the long answer with all my dosing information.

I have a 92 gallon heavily planted tank utilizing metal halide, CO2
injection, 50/50 gravel and Flourite and Dupla cables. My water is very
soft.  The tank is kept around 83 degrees with a pH of 6.5-6.6 and 3 for
both KH and GH. I do a water change once a week.

15-20 gallon water change.
20 mL TMG
2 mL Seachem Iron
5 mL Seachem Potassium
2 1/2 tsp Equilibrium
1 1/4 tsp Alkaline Buffer

17 mL Seachem Nitrogen.

Prior to dosing it, my Nitrate levels (per Lamotte test kit) are 0-3.  This
dose brings it up into the 6ish level.  I try to keep it low for my rotala

DAY FOUR: repeat day one dosing, no water change
DAY FIVE: repeat day two dosing
DAY EIGHT: start over