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co2 set-up help needed

Hi all,

I attempted to send the following email to Dave Gomberg but my mail keeps 
getting returned...his email address must have changed so Dave, if you are 
there, please read.   Oh, everyone else, please add your two cents as well.  
Here it is...


I would like to ask a questions if I may.  I am setting up my first high
pressure co2 system and need your help.  My system is composed of:

1 single stage regulator
1 needle valve
1 solenoid
1 power co2 bubble counter/diffuser
1 5 lb co2 tank

My question is this.  I also have been sent a free computer controlled (by
use of a pH probe) co2 controller by a company that would like me to review
it on my website.  Now, I am trying to figure out the best configuration of
the above equipment but really don't know where to put the pH probe co2
controller in the set-up.  I am wondering if I have gone a bit overboard
with all the equipment.  I really just need a step by step setup diagram or
"how to" so I am hoping you can help me.  I must confess this system was not
purchased from you.  I have been slowly building it piece by piece myself so
here I am....flailing aimlessly trying to set this thing up with as little
head ache as possible.  Can you help?