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RE: SAE-Never again

Hi Rachel,

Funny. I don't doubt that SAEs could damage plants, but that is not my 
experience. I have never seen them show any interest whatsoever in growing 
plants, and not a lot of interest in algae, for that matter!

In my tanks they cruise around and get big and fat and lazy. I like them a 
lot. They aren't particularly attractive, but not particularly unattractive 
either. I think they are one of the smartest freshwater fish I have ever 
kept. Hard to catch, and very fast. They seem to have a purposefullness about 
them as they swim. They are the innocuous rabble rousers of my tank, never 
hurting other fish, but interested enough in what other fish are doing to 
swim over and poke their noses into their activities. I usually have three 
SAEs in each tank. They sometimes school together, and sometimes choose to 
school with other species.

When they reach full size in my tanks they start to resemble big fat torpedos 
with the roundness of their bodies.

Overall, one of my favorite aquarium fish. Don't give up on them just because 
of one bad experience. 

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