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Re: SAE - never again -- or What's for Dinner?

---Rachel Sandage's SAEs were eating her "my Rotalla
wallichi and mayaca."  Catching them wasn't any easier for
her than it is for many of us.

I have had some luck with the soda bottle traps -- but it
requires days and days of patience and lots of wrong
catches and doesn't work for all SAEs.  I don't think some
SAEs are smarter than others, I think some are just too
busy eating thing strands of green stuff to be bothered
with whatever is in the trap.

They aren't partial to algae over other things green. 
These Siamese fish seem to love Strands Of Green Stuff,
they are Insatiable Eaters, which makes them SOGSIEs, which
is a mouthful.

They only reason I haven't removed them from my 15 gallon
tank, which originally was supposed to be a quarrantine
tank, is that I'd probably have to tear it down to get
them.  But the 15 gal. turned out to be a very nice planted
tank -- not show quality but nice.  So I don't want to tear
it down.  The SOGSIEs are too big for a 15 gal.  
Unfortunately for them and me, that's part of the price
paid for not stopping eating long enough to be trapped.

But if I do get them out, someday, I might need to put them
in quarrantine, which means I need to set up another 15 gal
tank -- that will have SSOGSIEs. . .better put in some
plants too to avoid algae, and a few other fish to maintain
the cycle . . . and so it goes

BTW, I wonder what Pres. Barr has planned, policywise, to
deal with this threat to our plants and our credit

Sane As Ever,
Scott H.

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