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Re: The State of the Plant Tank Address

 Thomas Barr pronounced:

> Dear fellow Planties,
> We are here yet once again poised to do battle against
> the evils of algae
> and lawsuits. You are either with plants ........or
> against them. But do we
> look at plants like we do other forms of life? Is it okay
> to murder those
> defenseless baby plant cuttings(flash imagine of overtly
> cute baby plant
> drying in some Middle Eastern desert) by leaving it to
> die from dehydration
> and wilting? This must stop! The newly created Department
> of Anti Plant
> Activities will drive these planr killers from our
> borders. Please pass my
> bill before Congress to put a plant tank in everyone's
> house!
> Oh, wait a minutes, I seem to have mixed up muh
> speecheses, that was suppose
> to read an "oil" tank in everyone's house, it's good to
> have a home. Save
> the oil! It's all old Caboniferous horsetails, cycadas
> and other swamp
> plants, just a bit older is all. Save those plants!
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr  

Has Tom been cooking and distilling his plant cuttings? 
And has he been sharing the product with Washington?

Scott H.

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