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Re:WARNING!!! re Jebo A-192 CO2 system

Chuck Gadd said:

> Without knowing more, it's hard to say if the CO2 system
> was actually faulty, or if it was just creating more CO2
> than
> your tank needed....

Isn't this one of those carbon block/electrode devices like
the Carbo Plus?

Don't they need to be broken in or adjusted frequently when
the block is new?  I've only seen the Carbo Plus in action
at the lfs, but the output seems to vary a lot over a few
weeks time.

I wouldn't want to use one without testing for CO2 levels
(i.e., pH, KH levels and the CO2/pH/KH table) -- at least,
not until I knew how the block was behaving in my tank.

BTW, where would one find one of these things -- they
aren't widely imported. Or at what stores would one avoid
these things ;-)   ?

Scott H.

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