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Re: Trade Disputes -- But what can you trade disputes for?

Steven Maier said some things that are worth repeating:

> Is pursuing arbitration from the list an appropriate way
> to resolve trade
> disputes? Will negative postings improve the confidence
> you have when making
> a trade? Although I despise the thought of someone
> entering into a trade
> without the integrity to carry out their part of deal,
> the possibility
> exists that a disparaging post might damage the
> confidence that many people
> have about trading. It would be a shame for someone with
> extra clippings of
> a rare species to feel hesitant about offering it on the
> list because they
> fear dispute. I don't know what the right answer is for
> discouraging would
> be trade cheaters. I do know that the availability of
> rare species might be
> in jeopardy if the list is used as a punching bag.
> Perhaps one day one of us with a spare server might set
> up a trading forum
> with a trader rating system. Until that time I think "
> Buyer Beware " is the
> best way to preserve the intended format of the list.
> Steve

Speaking generally:
This is a tough area that a lot of boards and mailing lists
face.  Warnings can be useful but mistakes can be costly to
individuals (buyers, sellers, traders on either end of a
trade) and to the list.

In any event, at some point, disagreements delve into
personal comments or esoteric issues and are better
addressed off list.  What I call bar fights, which break
out every few months or so on many lists, certainly are
better off list than on.  You have to know when to "take it

Even when dealing with sensitive and important issues
between people, decorum is usually more effective than
debasement; poise is more profound than profanity.

On a public board, a little email comment goes a long way,
remains public for a very long time, and may be viewed with
little or none of the original context.  I think this urges
a tempering with conservativism -- what's read often
appears less tempered, less conservative than what was
intended.  And rchives are no place for rash outbursts.

Scott H.

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