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The State of the Plant Tank Address

Dear fellow Planties,
We are here yet once again poised to do battle against the evils of algae
and [Redacted]. You are either with plants ........or against them. But do we
look at plants like we do other forms of life? Is it okay to murder those
defenseless baby plant cuttings(flash imagine of overtly cute baby plant
drying in some Middle Eastern desert) by leaving it to die from dehydration
and wilting? This must stop! The newly created Department of Anti Plant
Activities will drive these planr killers from our borders. Please pass my
bill before Congress to put a plant tank in everyone's house!
Oh, wait a minutes, I seem to have mixed up muh speecheses, that was suppose
to read an "oil" tank in everyone's house, it's good to have a home. Save
the oil! It's all old Caboniferous horsetails, cycadas and other swamp
plants, just a bit older is all. Save those plants!

Tom Barr