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Trade Disputes

Is pursuing arbitration from the list an appropriate way to resolve trade
disputes? Will negative postings improve the confidence you have when making
a trade? Although I despise the thought of someone entering into a trade
without the integrity to carry out their part of deal, the possibility
exists that a disparaging post might damage the confidence that many people
have about trading. It would be a shame for someone with extra clippings of
a rare species to feel hesitant about offering it on the list because they
fear dispute. I don't know what the right answer is for discouraging would
be trade cheaters. I do know that the availability of rare species might be
in jeopardy if the list is used as a punching bag.
Perhaps one day one of us with a spare server might set up a trading forum
with a trader rating system. Until that time I think " Buyer Beware " is the
best way to preserve the intended format of the list.