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measuring Co2

I just started injecting Co2 into my 38 gallon tank. Since my tap KH is
3, and my tank KH is 2 but goes down to nothing after a week in my tank,
I am adding enough baking soda to keep the kh between 3 and 4 in my tank
(1 tsp).

I was using the Co2/KH/pH chart to measure the amount of Co2--but I just
ran across a post on the Aquabotanic board that said you can't use the
chart if you are adjusting your KH. But then I ran across a post
elsewhere that said you can't use the chart if you are using a phosphate
buffer, which I'm not. Now I am even more confused.

I'm a little concerned because my pH dropped to 6.5 last night (I
decided to let the co2 run at night) and I haven't seen one of my clown
loaches all day---he hasn't come out to eat, which has never happened.
Everyone else seems fine. Something else maybe wrong with him of course,
but now it has me worrying about my co2 levels. 

How do I know if I have too much Co2 if I am fiddling with my KH? Do I
need to buy a co2 test kit? With about 1 bubble every 3 seconds, I had
pearling and a pH of 6.9 or so during the day and a pH of 6.5 by the


Sharon S.