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Re: Echinodorus maior

Paul Krombholz replied....
>I really wouldn't consider the flower stalk of E.
> parviflorus a runner, at least it is nothing like the runners of the
> small turf-forming Echinodorus species like E. tenellus, E.
> quadricostatus, etc.  The name, E. maior is, I think, a misspelling
> of E. major that got into Rataj & Horeman and several other aquarium
> plant books; in any event, it is now called E. martii in Kasselmann).
> The flower stem of E. martii is unusally thick, even thicker than the
> flower stems of the really large swords.  Rataj & Horeman say that it
> is not propagated by forming young plants on floral stalks, but they
> are just plain wrong.  I have had over 20 plantlets form on one stalk.

Thanks Paul. Flower stalk is the proper term. Twenty-three years was a
long time to wait. I think that it's time to put my Rataj & Horeman up
for auction and purchase the Kasselmann book.