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Re: Feeding with Zucchinni -- or - Whatever floats your squash

AuntieFran at aol_com said this about catching MT snails:

> >Are their any traps out there to catch MTS?
> Yes, it's called a slice of cucumber or zucchini.  Either
> weight it down by 
> rubber-banding it to a rock or loop a piece of string
> through it and float 
> it.  If it's introduced to the tank at night, it will
> probably be covered 
> with snails in the morning.  Remove it, discard the
> snails, and repeat as 
> necessary.

Or you can parboil a batch of the slices (until they just
turn/change color -- about 90 seconds) and store them in
the freezer until needed.  When they thaw, they sink all on
their on -- not sinkers to retrieve afterwards.  :-)

Scott H.

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