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Re: Elodea began to disintegrate or "rot", please advise...

Lee Clemmer asks....

> Why the heck is my elodea disintegrating?

You ran out of calcium and it doesn't like the high ratio of NaCl to

> Tank parameters:
> Temp 74 deg. F
> Flourite substrate with minor amount of gravel & clay present lots of mulm
> in substrate.
> pH 7.0
> KH = 2 deg. (this is adjusted with baking soda during water changes, tap
> water tests between 0 and 1 deg)
> GH = 4 deg.
> Ammonia = 0
> NO2 = 0
> NO3 = ? somewhere between 2.5 and 10 ppm depending on the test used.
>     This value is problematic because the two tests (liquid only reagents
> vs. powder reagent) both seem to indicate a clear value. Perhaps I should
> take the "middle" value on the chart and say it's 5 ppm? I know this value
> is important but the tests are frustrating. There have been several threads
> posted recently regarding the accuracy of these tests and how to read the
> results properly. (sigh) Water out of the tap shows 0 for both tests.
> Nitrate is added via KNO3 in homemade PMDD.
> Phosphates = ~.25 ppm.
> Iron = .1 ppm. Iron is added via trace element mix. (Flourish trace)
> Light is a whopping 3.7 watts/gal via a dual compact flourescent fixture.
> CO2 has only been running on the tank for 2 days via DIY method. The problem
> described with the elodea began before the CO2 was added. I'm not sure how
> much exactly is there. The "chart" or calculator suggests 6 ppm. (bubble
> rate is currently 1 bubble about every 4-6 seconds) Bubbles get injected
> into the input of a powerhead and come out in a cloud of tiny bubbles. Some
> of the gas never dissolves as the bubbles float to the surface.
> Any general observations would be very much appreciated and any insight into
> the main question:

> Thanks,
> Lee