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> 3 day black out. But you have to go in, clean well, trim, remove as much
> you can first. Use a net, get rid of all detrital floating matter etc.
> filter. Turn off CO2, do 50% water change(add KNO3 at this time), cover up
> so that no light at all gets in.
> Remove after 3 days, net up any junk, do a 50% water change, add all
> nutrients back into the tank.
> Now keep up on the NO3, PO4, K, Traces and most importantly, the CO2.

Ok! Will do! I have transparent filter-hoses, so I better cover these up too
I guess.

>Don't correct conditions and
> expect the algae to keel over and die, attack the algae by removing it
> the tank. That + good conditions takes care of most all algae issues.

Aha. Missed that one. I thought "I have good growth, why doesn't it
dissapear?". I should have thought "I have good growth now, let's
do a blackout!"

>BBA and other species tells me the tank is too low on
> CO2 and NO3 likely or least in the recent past when the algae appeared.

You are right there. CO2 have, in the past, been too low and that's
when the slime appeared.

> You need good CO2 during the lighting period, not part of it, the whole
> period(all 12 hrs etc).

That's what I came to think of when I posted my question. Under the
dusk/dawn period the plants stop pearling. That should mean the
light is insufficient for the plants, but certainly enough for the algae.
Now it's 10 hours full intensity again.

> Blackout will cause the Gloss to become leggy

That's why I have been very reluctant to the blackout thing. =(

Thanks for all the advice! 8-)