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Re: O2 at night or not

Tom Barr wrote:
"So you think a rise of .5 to 1.0pH unit over several hours is going to make
a difference in the fish?
I don't think it is going to make a difference with the pH alone."

I don't know, but thought it should be avoided.  The pH swing is from 7.2 to 
7.6 over the week, before I change out one bottle.  I can't go for more than 
a week, with the heated bottles.  I suppose they'd last long if they weren't 
heated - or not? (I know squat about yeast biology).  

> "But an idea you can consider is placing the DIY brew bottles on the 
> lighting
> ballast, they warm up during the day and increase production and then turn
> off at night lowering production".
I could certainly put the bottle heaters on the same timer as the light, 
fairly easily. I can check that out with the fishless hi-light nursery tank. 
Bottles on the light ballasts wouldn't work with my canopy designs.  Ballasts 
are adjacent to the lights. Also, I'm having to heat these bottles to 85 - 90 
> "Your trying to hit a moving target. But most bottles do well for about 10
> days."

My individual bottles are lasting 14 days, heated; I change one a week.  

> "Gas tanks are worth the expense and are extremely stable/easy and cheap if
> you have more than a couple of plant tanks. Sure save a good deal of
> headache and time."
I have 6 planted tanks, none of which could share a gas tank and I can't 
afford 6 systems.  House design precludes any two tanks being adjacent or 
even on the same section of wall.  
> " I learned that the hardness did not make a hill of beans difference,
> neither does turning the /cO2 off at night. You gain nothing for the fish
> either way."

I would assume that the types of plants which I can't grow worth a darn 
failed due to excessive "liquid cement" in the tank.   In all this discussion 
I find I've lost track of why I would want to turn off the CO2 at night, 
anyway?  I don't think the logic of that ever got discussed. The idea of O2 
at night was in a new aquarium plant book I ordered. 

> "I do 50% weekly water change every week. I don't adjust the pH of the tap
> water, it comes in at 7.7 or higher. The tank's sit at 6.2-6.3 here.
> No fish issues. They seem to enjoy it."

OK, I do 50% water changes every week.  Fortunately, my well water is coming 
in at 7.4 - CO2 saturated, hence no shock to the system.  But you're saying 
there wouldn't be anyhow.  

Thanks, I may be over fine tuning my systems.  Sharon

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