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Ok. I give up.
Now I've tried Erythromycin. Worked great, and
because I had a lot of plants those days (last
AGA showcase) it didn't come back.
Now I've changed the design and it has come
back. Black and slimy.
I've tried "Algenkiller". Worked great although
all plants stopped pearling for a week until
the 50% weekly water change.
It's back again.
One problem, I think, is that I almost only
have slow growers:
E. stellata (main theme)
L. arcuata (solitaire)
P. palustris
G. elatoides (covers all substrate)
L. inclinata
All of them grows good and I have
to trim the stellata and inclinata every
The thing is I want a clean minimalistic layout.
A lot of free space with elatoides and a
triadic stone configuration.
Because of this the recommended 30-50% 
plant-volume isn't going to be achieved.

KH: 3
GH: 6
pH: 6.0-6.5. (Not sure, but I have intense
Temp: 25
PO4: 0.5, but I've raised it to 1.0 just to
see if I can replace the BGA with another algae
NO3: 5, but I've raised it to 10 (see PO4 comment)
TMG/Micro: 0.1, but I've raised it to 0.5.
Light: 2,6 watts/gal, 0,7 watts/litre 10 hours a day,
but I have 1 hour of dusk and dawn with 1/3 of
the light intensity adding up to 12 hours of light.
That is: 2 hours of dusk and 10 hours of intense light.

After the nutrient raise I get some nice BBA on 
the stones but I don't care. Rather BBA than BGA 
in my case.

Growth and pearling *really* good, but the
damn dark slimy sh-t attaches to the *sides*
of leaves and creates long slimy threads.
It doesn't attach to greenalgae covered stones -
only the *sides* of the leaves; The surface of
the leaves are spotless.


// Daniel.

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