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Re: Mini Compact 10 watt = 50 watt??

Kevin Sheller said:

" <kevmo at arenafan_com>
> Subject: Mini Compact 10 watt = 50 watt??
> OK, I just picked up a hood for a 10-gallon tank that
> lights (All Glass). It says the lights are 10 watt each,
> but the box also
> says, "Power Mini Compact 10 Watt Bulb is equivalent to
> 50 watt incandescent
> lighting."
> I've never heard of this. Is it correct?
> If so, then I'm essentially placing 100 watts above my 10
> gallon tank (since
> the lid holds 2.) This is obviously a tad outrageous, so
> it certainly can't
> be 10 to 50... What do people know about this?
> Kevmo

I haven't tested this particular unit but generally, it
works like this.

Incandescent bulbs are aabout 5%-7% efficient -- about 9%
of the electricity is converted to heat.

Fluorescents are about 35% efficient or roughly 5 to 7
times more efficient than incandescents -- about 65% of the
electricity is converted to heat.  This varies a lot for a
given bulb depending on circuit frequency, voltage,
temperature= -- it can vary from one brand of bulb to
another due to bulb design.  Some fluoresecnt designs
(power compacts, for instance) a bit more efficient than
standard fluorescents.

A claim that a fluorescent puts out 5 times the light of a
an incandescent is not an outrageous claim -- it's quite
likely true.

Scott H.

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