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Re: Aponogeton madagascariensis

Scott wrote:

> Madagascar Lace Plant...  anyone have any suggestions on keeping this plan
> bright green?
> 2x96 w on 46gallon tank
> 1 tube is 7500K the other is 10000K
> All the other plants are bright green... this one has turned darker since
> added more light.
Yes Scott, I have been growing these in a tank at about 72 degrees with
lot's of iron rich substrate however the biggest thing is to make sure they
get diffused light. I plant mine in the corners of the tank with some
overhead plants for shading. Your increased light is probably why they
turned darker. I did put some in bright direct light at first and the same
thing happened to me. There is an excellent article in the October -
November issue of the Aquatic Gardener on Madagascar's and I quote; they are
"low light" plants, coming from forest-shrouded streams. Then further down;
It may be hard to believe, but sometimes we aquatic gardeners overdo it on
the lighting to the detriment of some plants. This may be the second clue as
to why the "old timers" had better luck than we do. Several older
publications mention keeping production vats in greenhouses covered with
slats to reduce the light that reaches the plants. The article is by Mike
Hellwig. He also mentions burying the bulb half in the substrate and half
out. Hope that helps, Don Matakis