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Echinodorus maior

Hello everyone,

I've had this ruffled sword for over twenty-three years, but until
recently it has shown no inclination to reproduce. A few years back I
did try cutting off the rhizome and allowing it to float as had been
suggested by a couple of people. No plantlets appeared. The sword has
done reasonably well in a number of conditions: in light and in shade,
bright and dimly lit, with and without the addition of CO2, nitrate etc.
It is presently lit by two 20 watt fluorescent lamps and has western
exposure by a large window.

Three months ago I removed a solid mat of utricularia and mayaca that
had been blocking the light and choking the surface of the 30 gallon in
which it resided. I also chopped off most of the sword's leaves. It grew
new leaves, and promptly sent out two shoots holding seven plantlets in
total. I'm obviously very pleased as I consider it an attractive plant.

Rataj and Horeman indicate that E. maior is propagated by floating the
rhizome and not by its sending out runners as is done by E. parviflorus
etc. Has anyone else seen runners produced by E. maior? Do people here
think that the runners are due to the increase in light intensity or the
lengthening of the night?


David Whittaker