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Elatine triandra questions

MORE questions...! My LFS is selling this new stuff called "Elatine 
triandra" (I think that's how you spell it) but again, I can't seem to find 
much info on it. On the tank, it says that it's emerse-grown, and it looks 
a lot like pearl grass, but I've experienced first-hand how submersed 
growth won't look *anything* like the emerse-grown plant. I wanted to try 
it in my 2.5-gallon planted tank, but didn't want to risk getting something 
that would be totally size-inappropriate for such a small aquarium. Might 
anybody have stats, maybe even a photo of the submersed form of this plant? 
Is it difficult to grow? Is it particularly sensitive while transitioning 
from one form to the other? If it grows too large for a 2.5-gallon tank, 
how about a 5.5-gallon?

I'd be grateful for any info. Thanks!