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CO2 into Powerfilter

Hi all,

After digesting as many digests as I can...for now....I have my first question - 

I have just a 10 gallon planted tank (healthy, but static growth) that I am currently preparing a pressurized CO2 system for.  I am wanting to use my Aquaclear 150 as a reactor and have read with interest the posts regarding the substantial success achieved by most of those who try this.  In thinking about the insanity-inducing-bubble-shredding-noise produced by inserting gas into the intake tube, I have considered doing the following:

Run the CO2 airline tube down the filter compartment to the bottom, possible to the center of the compartment.  Then lower the foam filter basket down on top of the tubing. (this would possibly require cutting a slot out of the filter basket to allow it to slip in next to the tubing. Also would need to make a slot in the filter cover)  This would introduce the bubbles behind the impellor.  I would think that the bubbles would be more than adequately dissolved as the current took them through 2 sponge filters.

Maybe I am not the first to consider this, or maybe I am missing something, but what do you all think?  The last thing I want is to have another piece of hardware, ie reactor, inside my small tank, so I am trying to get clever about this.


David Bland

Galveston, TX

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