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The Chilling Truth About Shipping Plants in Winter

I just received a lot of plants from Aquabotanic -- out
with the old and in with the new.  I didn't want them to
freeze sitting on my porch while I was at work so I had
them delivered to my office.

They were pretty chilly when I opened the box right after
it arrived.  The plants traveled coast to coast by plane
cargo hold and truck and were probably pretty cold the
whole time -- or at least for good portions of the trip.

These were some of the best specimens I've had that
traveled that far.  Color, texture, lack of decay -- all
remarkably good.

At the last AGA convention, someone asked Claus Christensen
what's a good way to maintain plants that are going to be
out of the tank for several days or so.  He suggested

I think that's what Mother Mature and the Postal Service
provided the plants Robert shipped me.

I don't recommend freezing  :-|, but winter seems like a
*good* time to ship plants, perhaps a better time others.

Any other experiences?

Scott H., who just can't find enough uses for all those
plastic peanuts.

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