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Re: Mini Compact 10 watt = 50 watt??

50 watts of incandescent light doesn't mean much. A better comparison is 
between normal-output fluorescent and power compact. With really-really 
good efficiency (reflectors and all), a 10-watt PC bulb *might* be 
equivalent to 16 watts of normal-output fluorescent. So the best you're 
getting (total) is probably in the ballpark of 30 watts (in round numbers). 
50 watts of *incandescent* lighting is mostly energy lost in heat. 100 
watts of incandescent heat is probably going to raise the temperature way 
high rather than grow plants very well. I'm sure there's somebody here that 
can explain with more precise conversions and comparisons, but in short, 
no, it's NOT 10 watts per gallon you're putting over your tank (which is a 
good thing) ;-).