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Reverse flow undergravel for FREE...

Hi all...

I have a undergravel reverse flow plant filter for anyone who wants it.  FREE. If you have ever heard Tom Barr discuss one of these on the list, then this is exactly what it is...built per his instructions.  
It was built to fit a reef ready 65 gallon.  Basically all it is, is a buch of small diameter PVC pipe with holes in it for outflow, and an output tube to hook up to a canister filter or pump for inflow.  I had it in my 65 for two years, but never used it.  It was just in there...under the gravel.
I live in San Francisco, so I am hoping for someone close by to take it.  However, if I have to ship it...the recipient is responsible for shipping.  It shouldn't be too $$.  It comes apart, so it should fit in a small, yet long, box.
I'd rather someone use it, then to have it hit the recycle bin.

Contact me off list.

Michael Laflamme

spicolte at hotmail_com 

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