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New setup opinions

Hello all,

I'm a long time lurker, but have had my tanks sitting around (dry) for
about four years due to moves, marriage, job, etc.  I've finally managed
to talk the wife into letting me set up a plant tank again, but still
have quite a bit of time to doe research and purchasing before setting
it up completely (doing some house renovation - too dusty to risk a new

So, I'd like to get some opinions on what I have planned (and purchased
some of already).  I'm interested in anything that I'm forgetting that
would make my life (and my plants lives) a lot easier, or anything that
I'm doing that should probably be done differently.

I've had no real problems in the past with my plant tanks, other than
occasional algae and periods of very slow plant growth.  I'd like to try
things a bit differently this time (like using CO2), hence the need for

I'm starting with the following:

110 gallon tall tank (glass)
JBJ 1200 light (4 bulb compact fluorescent - 2 daylight, 2 actinic) and
standoffs to raise light a few inches above the tank
Seachem Fluorite substrate (may mix 50/50 with sand)
Canister filter (undecided on brand and/or size), mostly filled with
sponge filtering
Aquanetics 25W UV sterilizer
Overflow (trickle?) box to skim surface

The overflow box will feed into a 10 gallon under the main tank, where
the canister will pump it through the UV and back into the main tank.
Similar to a wet/dry setup, but without all the aeration.  I may
introduce the CO2 in the 10 gallon, I haven't really figured that part
out yet.  The CO2 seems to be my biggest problem...  I'm off to a
welding shop sometime this week to see what they have and I'll probably
ask on the list later how to get it all to fit together. :)

Thanks in advance for any comments.