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mystery fish deaths.

Well I think I found out what was killing fish there.  In addition to adding 
the ice melt KCL, i added some plant sticks.  The way the fish were dying 
was the definition if nitrite poisoning.  I'm not sure  if it was just this 
type of fertilizer sticks but they sure did it.  Some generic think from 
wallymart.  (Actually the sticks are "mainstays garden house plant 
fertilizer spikes.")  Maybe i put too many in.  I think i added two or 
three?   They were buried in the gravel so i forgot about them.  Results 
were immediate, fish kicking off within a few hours.  It's a lesson learned 
I guess.

One thing I am really noticing is that some plants have a tendency to thrive 
while others merely survive in my tank.  I have put the whole tank together 
as cheaply as possible.  I quit adding iron and trace elements after I 
figured out that with a soil substrate there should be little need for that 
and it has slowed algea growth down a lot.  My rotala indicita is huge and 
beautiful, the dwarf hygro looks great too and ludwiga repens.  my crypts 
won't grow, moneywort won't either.  the swords in the tank grow very 
slowly.  Does it just need more food?  thx for the replies btw, josh.

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