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In case you are looking for lighting...

This one's not mine either.

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DESCRIPTION SAYS, FITS TANKS 33L, 40L, 45L, 55, 75, 90, 120, 80X, 110X
FRAME, TOP OPENINGS: 23-1/4'' x 11-1/2''
I measured with tape measure and it reads 48-1/4'' length, 5-1/2'' wide.
Hope this info helps. This is a very nice Lighting set. I am going with
metal halides over the top of my reef tank so that is why I am selling this
one. I also have another strip lite that is a 1 tube with reflector and it
measures same length but it is 4-1/4" wide.
Any more questions you can call me at 800-230-9010. I will answer Gold
Country. I work out of my home. Thanks for your inquiry.
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Subject: Question for seller -- Item #2303346329

> What are the measurements of this strip?
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> Question from:           dguynn
> Title of item:           48'' Twin Tube Strip Light - Bulbs Included
> Seller:                  dezard
> Starts:                  Jan-22-03 09:50:25 PST
> Ends:                    Jan-27-03 09:50:25 PST
> Price:                   Starts at $10.00
> To view the item, go to:
> Visit eBay, The World's Online Marketplace TM at http://www.ebay.com