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Neutral Regulator as PO4 source

I've got a couple questions for the list.  First, when
I started keeping planted tanks 4 or 5 years ago, the
Sears/Conlin paper, PMDD and limiting phosphate
available to algae was all the rage.  And one of the
ingredients in PMDD was MgSO4 for Magnesium and it was
included in fairly large quantities.  I see no mention
of anyone dosing MGSO4 on the list anymore.  Is Mg no
longer considered as important to a planted tank? 
I've varied my dosing levels of Mg pretty widely with
little or no change in plant growth, so I'm really
curious to hear other opinions.

Second my tap water has very low levels of PO4 and I'd
like to try adding a little PO4.  I know of several
sources for chemicals for adding PO4, but I have this
99% full bottle of Seachem's Neutral Regulator sitting
in my Aquarium junk box.  And I keep thinking this may
be a good source and already paid for.  What does this
list think?  

Seachem's web site describes Neutral Regulator like
this: "It contains pure phosphate buffers for pH
control and conditioners for chlorine, chloramine, and
ammonia control"



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