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re:dry fert question

sulfate of potash is simply an archaic term that means potassium sulfate and the percentages you gave are not for a mix of separate components but are the chemical analysis for potassium sulfate. on the other hand, the name sulfate of potash is more commonly used for the agricultural grade product rather than the pure chemical.  as you probably know pure K2SO4 is white. in my own experience agricultural sulfate of potash, such as that from Dragon or Espoma, is like pinkish reddish gravel and is full of clay, insoluble debris, metallic bits and soluble organics and gives a tarry smell when added to water. if this is not what you've got don't worry about it.  if it is you can take it back or  you can purify the K2SO4 largely by filtering a solution through paper towels or the like and boiling off the water.