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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #25 lily pads

   you don't mention if you plan on tropical or temperate lilies. If you live 
in an
area with freezes I'd go for the hardies. I'd wait until the water warmed 
above 50
 plant individually in large pots. The pans sold as mortar mixers are 
excellent though a little shallow..Mix top soil with pond soil stick in some 
fertilizer spikes. Plant
 Start them in just enough water to cover and as they grow move them deeper 
where you want them. Over the summer they should be able to handle a depth of 
six feet. The advantage of this is you can add fertilizer as necessary and 
give them time to develop deep water leaves. It's also handy if you decide 
you want them in a different location. I suspect they will self seed and come 
up on the bottom the following summer.
   Now if your talking a large pond not subject to freezing.  Lets talk 
Victoria lilies
 Victoria amazonica or some of the aquatic gingers or palms. Would love to 
have some of these but I just don't have the room.  Good luck

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