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Re: The diversity of APD -- the diversity of numbers

Rachel Sandage said this:

> . . .The thing is,
> when you are doing 
> calculations involving differing degrees of accuracy, it
> is the *least* 
> accurate measurement which determines the accuracy of the
> calculation. So, 
> if you are concerned with weighing things out to .01g
> accuracy. . .but do
> not know how much 
> water is in your tank to any more accurate than a gallon,
> you are, 
> technically speaking, wasting your accuracy.

Precisely so.  But the errors multiply, so to speak.  So
sometimes it's best to minimize them where you can.  But
when you get to the end, don't confuse all that precise
math with a precise final result.

Thank goodness. a lot of precision isn't necessary for a
lot of what some of us hobbyistys do.  ;-)

Scott H.

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