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Re: lake vs pond

> From: "Bill Curtin" <wcurtin at attbi_com>
> Subject: RE: Pond vs. Lake
> I was always under the assumption that pond had vegetation growing at its
> deepest point and a lake has no vegetation growing at its deepest point.  A
> great pond has the acreage of a lake but the shallow depths to allow
> vegetation to grow.
> Ponds good....Lakes bad.....for aquatic gardeners!!

This has been my definition also.
But..........Lake Okeechobee is only 2 to 4 meters deep depending on the
weather and have a great deal of plants along it's bottom.
It's one of the largest FW "lakes". Pretty big pond you can easily see from
There is no good definition, but I still like the one above.

Tom Barr