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Yamato Numa Ebi


I'd love to
>know more about the little rubies.

These are a variety of the Southern Pond Shrimp and I have 100's of them. 
Mine are green and blue-the run of the mill colour forms and they are easy 
to breed. Several are placed into a suitable receptacle with lots of plants 
such bas Java Moss and a temp between 22-28C. Feed them sparingly on flake 
food and the females will produce eggs which after fertilization by the 
male. The eggs are then carried by the female until they hatch and go 
through their first moult. At this point the babies look like small replicas 
of the adults and go off on their own.

Cannibalism by the adults is often encountered if food resorces are low and 
many hiding places are needed to ensure the babies survival.

Edward Venn,
SMG Holdings Co., Ltd.,
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Saitama, Japan

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