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Re: 25 gal Marine planted tank

> From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com>
> Subject: 25 gallon Maine tank
> Tom,
> What will be going into your 25-gallon Maine tank?

I have some design ideas that seem pretty good for this tank. Some are open
like, lower growing "forest". Many weird "trees" to pick from. Much of the
macro algae is tree like more than herbacous stem plants in their

I also use live rock which is pretty available here. I got a real nice piece
but it was about 1 inch too big for the tank.
I might go get some FL cultured rock if it has something I want growing on
It'll take awhile to get the tank going. Longer than a FW tank. But it'll be
very stable once growing. The plants are slower to react to changes. The
deep 4 inch average depth of aragonite will help the tank(DBS).
Got that for 2.71$ for 50 lbs. Seems to be fine. Added some mud off the
rocks to the bottom layer.
Picked up some crabs, some Dictyota, a tiny little fish, I ain't got clue,
also snagged a few snailies, they do a great job eating the algae.

I am planning on Daysa, Laurencia, Dictyota, Acetabularia, Udotea, Halimeda,
SeaGrasses, Pellia, Caulerpa(3-4 species), Sargassum,  etc.

I have some nice bait traps(5) I'm using for FW and might try to snag some
SW shrimps and small fishes also when I head that way.
Just put on my fishing hat and say I'm after some bait:)

Tom Barr