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Re: Red cherry shrimp questions

Naomi Mizumoto wrote

> Hi, All!
> I went to my LFS (Albany Aquarium) yesterday and was led to a tank with 
> very cute little newcomers: red cherry shrimp. Of course I had to grab a 
> few. The only info I've been able to find is that they "eat a different 
> variety of algae than C. japonica" and are a tropical species. Does anybody 
> have additional info (from literature and/or personal experience)? Exactly 
> what type(s) of algae do they eat? Are they as difficult to breed as C. 
> japonica? Scientific nomenclature?
> Well, they've survived the first 24 hours in my tank with no problem. They 
> seem to be getting along well with the three old-timer marsh shrimp, too; 
> even brought them out of their carapace (figuratively) a bit. I'd love to 
> know more about the little rubies.
> Thanks.
> - -Naomi
They are probably a Caridina sp. from Taiwan.  See 
http://www.franksaquarium.com/shrimporderform.htm for a 
picture to see if that is your shrimp.