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Re: Ponds- Spreading of Invasive AQUATIC Plants

My Question:
> But why do you ask about insects and pollen? How can they
> be
> a source of spreading of invasive plants? Isn't it the
> seeds
> or vegetative parts that are responsible for this in the
> US?

Scott's reply:
Well, my point, generally, was that there are all kinds of
ways for things to spread in nature, and we don't have much
control over them, especially outside.  That's a lot to
read betweent the few lines I wrote, but what the heck.

Anyhow, unless you are living in a radioactively sterilized
wasteland, there are lots of way for things to be spread.

Scott H.

Scott, that sounds like a politician's roundabout reply.
Maybe you should leave the APD and join the politicians

Just kidding, but it seems that to be a member of this
digest you just have to tell somebody else to leave.
Survival of the fittest, sort of.

Now its your turn.

best regards


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