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RE: oh help i can't see


I always thought ice melt was calcium chloride and I have used it to boost
the calcium part of GH.  (Just checked the 50# (! millennium supply) bag in
the shed:  Scotwood Industries Inc. Excel 50 Calcium Chloride ice melter:
94-97% CaCl, 1-2.5% NaCl, 1-2.5% KCl, balance water, not for food or drug
use).  Maybe some ice melt is KCl?  Seems like this would be a more
expensive chemical for this use.

RE Fish deaths:  Are you injecting CO2?  Symptoms sound like what I saw with
a CO2 overdose.  SAE and other scaleless fish seemed to go first, then the
larger fish.  Check pH and KH and calculate CO2.  Anything over 25 ppm CO2
could be a real problem.  If you're not injecting CO2... good luck

Joe K in frozen Takoma Park, MD