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Re: HACH pricing in Canada

>>I don't think James was "shouting down" anything. His original post was
just saying, shop around, doesn't matter if it is Hach, Lamotte, or AP- no
matter if it's $50 or $5. You take a constructive post and turn it into
something no one can use.<<

James comments seemed quit innocent to me. Am I the only one that notices
these tiffs always involve the same people? The same person's back hair
stands up and the same person offers an indignant reply?  In fact I am
pretty sure this exact conversation has come up before, same exact subject
matter with the same people...

To bad we can not run polls in this forum...I'd be more interested to hear
how many of the regulars here use test kits and how many do not. Just
curious triviality. Maybe someone with experience could make a case for not
using test kits. I think I will post that poll in Roger's forum on AB.

Robert Paul Hudson
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